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Basic use – direct impact of ET positive energy

The ball can be used both physically and contactlessly. For very sensitive people, placing the ball in front of them will serve its purpose, but the most effective contact is the physical one: take the ball with both hands so that the spot where its free grooves meet are oriented towards your palms (ball axis). Take any comfortable position. Relax your mind and concentrate lightly or just be aware of the ball. Try to keep all distracting thoughts away from you. What can help is to focus on your heartbeat. You can use both this simplest meditation and more sophisticated forms of it. The “cleaner“ your mind is, the better. If you use the ball in this way, you can also simultaneously use various techniques of visualization of the affected parts of your body or the whole body. The ball is always effective to some extent, but being aware of your heart makes it even more effective. ET can be used as a means of healing, relaxing yourself, keeping your mind calm, finding a connection with your higher self or helping you to make your steps in life...

auraThe length of use: cannot be precisely determined, but approximately 30 minutes will do. Very sensitive people or those who use the ball as a prevention can make the time shorter or, if necessary, even longer. Use the ball for a shorter time at the beginning and be aware of your reactions. You can extend the use later on. Everybody has to find out what works the best for him/her, because regularity and the length of use depend on one´s sensitivity and energetic state as well as thé way one uses the ball. Sometimes several minutes will do, at other times you will need to use the ball for a longer time. Potential surplus of energy is harmless and this energy will be released after some time. If we draw our attention to the ball, its effectiveness increases significantly. If it is placed in a room, it harmonizes its surroundings and has not such direct impact.

ET positive energy is mostly perceived as “warmth or tingling” or it is perceived in another way (extrasensory perception). The initial reaction may differ from person to person. One can perceive it as an increase of energy or he will feel a need to sleep. Such reactions can gradually change its form. Since the energy of the ball is universal, a single ET can be shared by more people. Nevertheless, it is more beneficial if an individual has got his own ball. You will find answers to FAQs in the section questions and reactions or just drop a line and your question will be answered by email.