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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.    Is it possible to combine drinking of activated water with its direct effect? What is more suitable?

This combination is definitely possible. The amount of water and the duration of the application depends on the current state of the user.

2.    Does the ET function as a prevention and how do people typically react to its use?

Yes, it can be used as a form of prevention, but it is not the purpose of the ET for one to become dependent on it. Reactions to its use are individual. One can receive some healing on the physical level and some spiritual insights can come as well. Upon drinking a glass of water, you may perceive higher energy levels. It can also be experienced as a tingling or a feeling of warmth if you hold the ball between your palms. Even extrasensory sensations may occur. One can feel increased energy levels in some moments, in others he can feel sleepiness. It simply depends on when and how the ball is used. Gradually, the reactions become more balanced and do not change very much.

3.    Can the ET have any side effects?

No, the energy of the ET cannot do any harm to humans even if you use it for a longer time. The reason is that the surplus energy will disappear soon again. Should someone be an extremely sensitive person it is more suitable for him to make the use shorter or just use the ball contactlessly or drink smaller amounts of the activated water.

4.    How long does ET keep its effectivity ?

ET function is almost unlimited, but after about three years can lead to material fatigue and should be replaced.

5.    Does it matter which direction the ET is turned to?

It does not affect the functionality of the ET much. But if you focus on one of its specific colors or their combination, their vibrations will come to the fore. When you hold the ball in your hands (basic use), it is recommendable to hold it so that the point where the grooves meet (ball axis) are aimed at your palms. The strongest energy flows from this specific point.

6.    Why does the ball sometimes bring energy and at other times makes one sleepy?

The effect of the ball depends on when you use the ball and what your intentions are. If you use the ball in the evening, it is highly probable it will help you to relax and fall asleep. But if you use it in the right time with the intention to feel better and gain energy or reach a certain spiritual state, you can perceive a strong energy or have some extrasensory sensations. It all depends on how much you are developed and on your sensitivity and perception. ET harmonizes your aura, chakras and the whole energetic system in any case. Its use is completely safe.

7.    Can the ET have any effect on my immunosystem?

 If we speak about our immunosystem, it completely reflects our energetic one. The one who senses this knows that medication available to the public and food supplements are not sufficient enough any more. Humans have been weakened by many influences of the current era and such energetic effect has a deep meaning. Even though there are more similar products available in the world, the functionality of the ET ball is unique and extraordinary due to its effectiveness and vibrations. Regular usage helps your imine system and creates an energetic protection for man.


Should you have any other questions or requests, email them please to: Answers to you emails: I will answer all your emails in your mother tongue. Because I distribute the ET worldwide, I use an electronic translator (Google Translator). I apologize for possible misinterpretations of the text.