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An illustration of human aura´s and chakras picture and the impact of ET

  foto-aury  foto-aura
                       aura`s picture before exposure to ET                                   aura`s reaction to the ET energy

Human auras and chakras often show an increase in vital colors display - yellow, orange and red. Increased energy levels in aura and chakras have even been observed during a live broadcast due to the exposure to ET.

The ball not only influences our basic aura; since it receives a highly positive energy from a spiritual realm, it can „work on“ individual invisible bodies - both astral and ethereal - independently to strengthen them which is unusual. Its efficiency is outstanding for everyone. It does depend on us, to what extent we are able to open to these energies during our relaxations and meditations.


The right functioning of our chakras and optimally strong aura is essential for our health. Chakras are rotating human energy centers situated along the vertical axis of a body that are related to all its levels ( physical, mental, spiritual), as well as to our inner organs.

Chakras The parts of a physical body

1. red everything solid, bones, teeth, fingernails, large intestine, feet, rectum.
2. orange everything liquid, blood, lymph, gastric / digestive juices, sperm, pelvis area, reproductive system, small intestine, kidneys and urinary bladder.
3. yellow lower back, stomach, liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas.
4. green upper back, heart, thorax (chest), lower lungs, hands, blood circulation.
5. light-blue bronchial tubes, lungs, pharynx, vocal vocal chords, throat, nape, jaws.
6. dark-blue cerebellum (little brain), ears, nose, oral cavities, forehead, face.
7. violet, white cerebrum (brain), skull

Colors with the deepest influence on each chakra, are matched with the seven different chakras. ET influences all the chakras positively. Chakras are also connected to energy canals, meridians and other mutually penetrating, invisible bodies. These bodies penetrate our physical ones and form their energy coats - auras. Energy vibrations and the developemnet of the bodies determine everyone´s spiritual level.

Some individuals can perceive this colored aura. Certain parts of human auras can be photographed or shooted quite easily. Human aura is a very complex pulsating formation that reacts to any form of inward or outward impulse. It is not easy to interpret since a good familiarity with all the colors and their shades is required. Just as with shapes and numbers - one needs to know their meanings as well.

In the picture on the left, there are the etheric human body, basic chakras and currents in the human body and the chakras. This etheric body is sometimes called a vital body and it forms the first layer surrounding our physical body. Our physical body is penetrated by it and the vital body extends beyond it by several centimetres. In fact, it “holds us together“, because our physical body would fall apart without it. This happens after physical death. Not only does it fit tightly to our physical body, but also to our organs (every organ has its etheric one). That is why even physical healing can happen through these etheric parts. Our etheric body including chakras is further connected with our astral body, which forms the biggest part of our aura. The Astral body can reach very far. It is egg-shaped and is sometimes called the emotional body. All of our outer and inner feelings, instincts and passions manifest in it and influence our etheric body and therefore the physical one. That is why many of our pleasures and sorrows have an impact on our emotional and physical health and influence how we generally feel in life. This is also influenced by our way of thinking, the level of our “self“ – ego, which affects all of our bodies and chakras. Since our “self“ and our astral body are the youngest parts of a human being, they have not developed enough yet and make relatively many mistakes. Thus, they are the cause of many of our subsequent maladies. It does not mean we should supress or dissolve our “self“ (ego), but develop it in a healthy way not to be selfish. We should refine it by right thinking and taking right actions. Chakras and our astral and etheric bodies will then develop which will have an influence on our physical body. In fact, every thought is a creative process. The way we think literally creates formations within ourselves. They subsequently live their lives within us. Thinking also helps us enter higher worlds. Therefore, it is only in our hands what we attract to our lives and what we move towards…

The qualities of the ET ball enable everybody to cultivate and strenghten his/her subtle bodies, aura and chakras.